I am a local chauffeur ready to drive you around the main tourist areas in Iceland. Airport, Reykjavik, Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle, Northen Lights, Ring Road and many more.

My goal is to provide a cheaper alternative to the existing transport market here in Iceland. I do not operate my own car fleet, and therefore I can bring the price down significantly. I am sure, once you sit down and calculate the final cost. My service will come out on top.

As I have been driving Tour Coaches all over Europe & Scandinavia. I am also able to provide my service outside of Iceland.

Contact me TODAY & have your own private Excursion tailored to your specific needs.


“Let Your Memory Be Your Travel Bag”Alexander Solzhenitsyn


My name is Magnus Gunnarsson, and I have been a professional driver for over ten years.

When I started my career in 2004, I was driving mainly Taxi in Iceland and Denmark. And in late 2009, I shifted my career a little bit and started driving buses full time.

Today I am driving Primarily Tour Coaches in Scandinavia & Europe along with Private groups via Rentadriver.is

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    What am I allowed to drive?

    All Car + Trailer (B + BE)
    Large Heavy Trucks + Trailer (C + CE)
    Large Buses + Trailer (D + DE)

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    What are my Language skills?

    I have very good language skills. Icelandic, English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and I am currently learning Spanish.

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    I have a very good knowledge of the main tourist attractions around Iceland & Scandinavia, as I have been driving tourist around both in Taxi and Buses for many years.

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    Customer Service

    I strive very hard to give a personal service and to make sure my customers are always very much informed.


“One’s Destination Is Never A Place, But A New Way Of Seeing Things”Henry Miller

Driver Hire
31.200 kr
Per Day
8 hours included
Additional hours: 3.900 kr per hour

Payment options


The price list covers only the salary for the driver. You’ll need to rent the car & pay for fuel separately.

I will, however, assist in any way possible to make your stay here unforgettable.

Fx. If you prefer an All-Inclusive VIP package price. Then of course I will arrange that.

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    Payment Options

    1 - Pay the driver directly in Cash at the end of the tour.
    2 - Prepaid Paypal Invoice (4% Transaction Fee)
    *Paypal Accepts VISA, Eurocard, Discover & American Express

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    No deposit as long as I get confirmation that the Car Rental has received full payment

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    Any Additional Cost?

    Customer pays for Accommodations & Meals if the Driver is away from home on longer trips

“I Haven’t Been Everywhere, But It’s On My List”Susan Sontag


One of the services I provide is finding & renting the vehicle best suited for you or your group. There are plenty of vehicle types and options to choose.

Hatchbacks, Sedans, Sports Cars, Luxury Cars, Off-roaders, Limousines, Minibuses and full-size coaches (Although depending on Seasons, it might be difficult for me to get access to full-size coaches).

I prefer doing business with ÁTAK and HERTZ.
ÁTAK Being my favorite because they offer very competitive prices, and they make the paperwork very easy, along with other service that the bigger rentals can not provide.

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    Rental Process via Atak.is

    1 - Together we find the perfect car
    2 - I send in the booking to ATAK on your behalf
    3 - ATAK sends you a Secure Payment Link Directly
    4 - Once the payment has been finalized, ATAK will send me a confirmation
    *As long as the car is confirmed and paid for, there is no need to pay any deposit to me

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    Insurance Charge?

    Rentadriver.is will cover any damage liability as long as you accept the SCDW & GP Insurance Charges. If you choose not to include these Insurance Charges, then damage liability will fall on you.
    *Insurance Charge is included in Price Quote from Rentadriver.is

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    Extra Driver Charge?

    Even if Rentadriver is the only driver of the car, then we need to add the Extra Driver Charge. This ensures that everything is legal and insured.
    *Extra Driver Charge is included in Price Quote from Rentadriver.is


Phone: +354 554 6040


Phone: +354 554 6040
E-mail: atak@atak.is
Website: www.atak.is

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Phone: +354 522 4400


Phone: +354 522 4400
E-mail: hertz@hertz.is
Website: www.hertz.is

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Phone: +354 568 6915


Phone: +354 568 6915
E-mail: holdur@holdur.is
Website: www.holdur.is

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Phone: +354 591 4000


Phone: +354 591 4000
E-mail: avis@avis.is
Website: www.avis.is

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Want to say hello? Want to know more about me? Want to secure a booking?
Give me a call or drop me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Phone: +45 60 22 78 30
Email: info@rentadriver.is