Reykjanes Peninsula

5 - 6 hours

1 - 4 Passenger Vehicle: 57.000 ISK
- Extra Hour Rate: 9.500 ISK
- Pay on Arrival (Cash or Credit Cards).
- Cancel Any Time (No Cancellation Fee).

Garðskagaviti Lighthouse - The lighthouses in Garðskagi were constructed 1897 and the second one in 1944 but a landmark had been there since 1847 and later a lamp was added to the landmark at 1884. The old lighthouse was used as a bird observatory on behalf of Natural History foundation from 1962 to 1978 At Garðskagi you can enjoy the scenery that is spectacular and enjoy watching the wild birds. The old Lighthouse is often an inspiration in both art and photography.

Bridge Between Continents - The Bridge between two continents at Sandvík is a small footbridge over a major fissure which provides clear evidence of the presence of a diverging plate margin. The bridge was built as a symbol for the connection between Europe and North America.

Reykjanesviti - Reykjanesviti lighthouse on Reykjanes peninsula is an iconic historic structure. Few buildings in Iceland—or in the world—are as imposingly located. It was Iceland’s first lighthouse, and actually, there have been two versions of lighthouses with this name. The original one was built in 1878 but got severely damaged in a large earthquake that struck in 1887. The current version was built on safer ground in 1907 at Bæjarfell hill. Large steam clouds from geothermal fields at the bottom of the hill bring added drama to the surroundings.

Gunnuhver Hot Spring - The area is close to Reykjanes lighthouse and is collectively named Gunnuhver after a female ghost that was laid there. She had caused great disturbance until a priest set a trap for her and she fell into the spring. This happened about 400 years ago.

Blue Lagoon - A wonderful geothermal spa and a natural wonder that is located in a lava field nearby the town of Grindavík. The water's milky blue shade is due to its high silica content, that forms soft white mud on the bottom of the lake. When the silica mud gets reflected in the daylight, then the water will appear blue because of an optical illusion. The bathing here is simply fabulous and great for your skin and health. As this place is also one of the most visited attraction in the whole country, it is essential to book your ticket in advance (bathing is optional and might incur additional hours).

Grindavik Shipwrecks - The Reykjanes coast is rugged and many ships have run aground on its rocky shore. Among the best known was the Jamestown, a sailing ship which drifted ashore in 1881, its load of precious timber providing building material for many houses in the area. The peninsula east of Grindavik has the remains of a steel-hulled vessel split in two parts by the force of the waves. It is a pity that there are not more signs erected to tell the story of these vessels and their crews. There is an information panel at Garðsskagi, which has a map of shipwreck sites and their dates. Visitors from countries whose ships were wrecked on this coast could be interested to learn more.

Krýsuvík Hot Springs - Krýsuvík consists of several geothermal fields, such as Seltún. Here solfataras, fumaroles, mud pots and hot springs have formed, the soil is coloured bright yellow, red, and green hues. Sulphur deposits were mined in 1722 - 1728 and in the 19th century. German scientist Robert Bunsen visited the site in 1845 and, based on research there, proposed a hypothesis on formation of sulphuric acid in nature.

Kleifarvatn Lake - Kleifarvatn is the largest lake on the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland, situated in the southern part of the peninsula. It is located on the fissure zone of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The lake has no visible water coming in or going out as most of its water comes and leaves underground. The lake can be reached via a track, and there are two areas with high temperature that can be found not far from it: Seltún/Krýsuvík and another to the east. The lake's greatest depth is 97 m. After the 2000 Iceland earthquakes, the lake began to diminish, and 20% of its surface has since disappeared.