– Terms of Service –

Driver & Tour Guide
• Daily rate for the driver: 46.000 ISK
Not Included: Rental Car, Fuel, Parking fees, Tunnel fees, Driver's Accommodation and Meals.
• The driver will also be your Local Tour Guide.
• During checkout we will charge you 1,00 ISK deposit to verify your Credit Card. Once all the details are in place and your final itinerary is ready, then we will charge the remaining balance on the Credit Card that we have on file.

Rental Car - Terms
• The vehicle is always rented separately from our service.
• You will be renting the vehicle from one of our preferred car rental partners.

• The car rental agreement is always in the customer's name.

• The customer will need to pay and sign for the vehicle before the tour begins.
• If you are not driving, then you are not required to provide a driving license to rent the vehicle.
• We required that you sign up for maximum car rental insurance to reduce the damage liability.
• or the Driver will not be responsible for any damage to the vehicle during the rental period.

Rental Car - Booking, Pickup & Return
1. We will send you a price quote from one of our preferred car rental partners.
2. Once you have confirmed the price, we will send in the booking on your behalf.

3. The Driver will pick-up the vehicle from the Car Rental.

4. The Driver will pick-up the group.
5. The Driver will drop-by the Car Rental so that you can pay and sign for the vehicle.
6. We start exploring Iceland.
7. The Driver will drop-off the group.

8. The Driver will return the vehicle to the Car Rental.

Fuel, Parking and Tunnel fees
• You pay for Fuel, Parking and Tunnel fees along the way during the tour.

Driver's Accommodation
• You will need to book a single room for the driver if he/she is staying with the group outside of the Capital Region.

Driver's Meals
• Meals are often provided FREE for the driver when he/she brings groups to a restaurant. If meals are not provided free by the restaurant, then you are responsible for the driver's meals.

Cancellation Policy for the Driver & Tour Guide
• 10% of the price is non-refundable, this percentage reflects the cost and preparation of the booking.
More than 4 weeks notice:   90% Refund
Less than 4 weeks notice:   50% Refund
Less than 1 weeks notice:   No Refund