– Terms of Service –

• Hourly Rate: 4.000 ISK per hour
• Minimum 8 hours per day (32.000 ISK)
• Working hour are always calculated from when the tour starts in the morning until the tour ends in the evening.
• Waiting at sightseeing places, counts as working time
Not Included: Rental Car, Fuel, Parking fees, Tunnel fees, Driver Accommodation and Meals
Paid in CASH at the end of the tour

Booking Fee
1.000 ISK booking fee (Non-Refundable).
• Your card will be processed by Braintree Payments. In case of cancellation then we reserve the right to charge your credit card in accordance with our cancellation policy.
Paid Online with Credit Card

Rental Car
• We require that all car rental bookings go through Átak Car Rental
• We require that you add the Full Insurance Package.
• The rental car is always hired separately from the driver service.
• The car rental agreement is always in the customer's name.
• The customer will need to sign the car rental agreement before the tour begins.
• You can see the car rental terms on website
• You are not required to have a Driving Licence (Special agreement between and
• Worry Free! Zero excess and Zero deductible (Special agreement between and
Paid directly by the customer to the Car Rental Office

Fuel, Parking and Tunnel fees
• The customer will be required to take care of all road expenses.
Paid by the customer along the way

• If the driver is away from home (Reykjavik). Then you need to provide a single room for the driver.
• We prefer if you (the customer) handles all accommodation bookings. And that includes rooms for the driver/guide.
Paid directly by the customer to the Hotels

• Sometimes, meals (Lunch, Dinner) are provided FREE for the driver/guide when he brings groups to the restaurant. If meals are not provided free by the restaurant, then you are responsible for the drivers meals.
Paid by the customer along the way

Cancellation Policy
More than 15 days notice: Your credit card will NOT be charged.
15 to 8 days notice: Your credit card will be charged 40% of the total amount.
Less than 8 days notice or No-Show: Your credit card will be charged 80% of the total amount.